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Skin Nutrition Essence

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Skin Nutrition Essence (SAN SAN LIFE NUTRITION ESSENCE) 100ml

Natures Materpiece, Natures Miracle for Skin


Essence with functional ingredients

"San San Life Essence" is based on AMS ingredients which were developed by our company.
This unique fermentation precess allows us to combiness with teast extraction nutrition and seaweed extracts to have restoration power and stabilization.

This product is not only a cosmetic to beautify one's skin but it is also a functional product.
this means that it actually revitalizes the skin cells and it actually protects the skin's health. Based on the concept that 'Skin is an extermal organ', it is developed as a supplement to nourish, revitalize and to bring health to the skin cell.


  • The AMS ingredients help revitalize capillary to have better circulation and help produce collagen between cells and prevent fine wrinkies and skin slackening and keep the skin firm and bouncy.
  • Oryzanol, Vitamin E-They prevent skin oxidization, and revitalize restoration power to enhance antioxidant function to keep our skin from aging.
  • α-Oryzanol - This restrains growing melamine fibers and controls active oxygen from developing liver sports, cutins, and pores to help our skin have active metabolism and revitalization.
  • Lipase, Arabinoxylane, Cyanocobalamine - They prevent skin oxidization, free radicals, and abnormal fat secretion to alleviate forming cutins and give our skin smooth metabolism to make it firm, clear, shiny, glossy, and flexible.
  • Vitamin A,E,Retinol - They prevent free radicals and revitalize cutin metabolism, balance NMF to help keep our skin fresh and claer.


  • Thiamine, Niacin, Tocopherol, Tocotrienol, Retinol, Oryzanol, Methionine, Aspartic Acid, Arbinoxylane, Cyanocobalamin, Lysine, Lipase, Protease, Hydrolysis Yeast, Seaweeds Extract, Chitosan Gylcol, Tratrate, Butyrate, Succinate, Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Iron, Ion Converted Water.

│How to Use│

  1. Pump 2~3 drop of essence and apply to face after face washing or bath. Then pump 1~2 drops of oil and apply to face.
  2. Pump 2~3 drop of essence and apply to face after face washing or bath.
    Then pump 1~2 drop of 'Aging Management Oil and 2~3 drop of 'Skin Nutrition Essence' in the palm, and mix well with two hands and apply to whole face.

Specially massage elaborately to the spot of fine wrinkles or slackening part where you care more.
You can feel oily after use, but it will disappear after 1~2 minutes when it is absorbed in skin.
You can do color make-up right after this.
*When you have an oily face, essence will help you protect oxidation.


  • Keep out of direct light and maintain room temperature.
  • If you have a problem with your skin, stop use and consult your doctor.


  • Try to use indicated amount and adjust it to your skin condition.
    (Large amount does not affect the absorption of nutrition.)
  • In the early stage, you may have pimples, but this is a temporary phenomenon caused by secretion from sebum during dissolution of cutins and its contact with bacteria in the air and priliferation of virus by hand touch.
    When you use it continuously, this symptom will calmed down according to revitalization cycle of skin and your skin will return to clear stage.
  • In case of having floating materials, they are enzyme from microorganism metabolic process, and there is no problem with product.