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Smell Foot Care

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Smell & Foot Care (Smell & Foot care) 30ml

Healthy Foot, and Foot Etiquette


Foot odor / The reason of foot odor

Skin has sweat glands called eccrine glands which are important to control temperature of our body. The scle of the foot has this gland to control the temperature of the foot. Even though the secretion of sweat does not have odor, the old separated cutin, fatty acid, and protein are dissolved by microorganism of the surface and changes to peroxicles and causes the bad odor. It is very difficult to remove the bad odor even after cleaning because of prolonged shoe wearing, eating style, other habits, and stress.

The skin of the sole of the foot forms new cutin and it becomes thick because total weight of body is concentrated on the foot creating dead cells making it difficult to remove old cutin. And microorganism profiferate by feeding on the nutrition from cutin and sweat which is the reason of bad odor that remains on shoes or socks.

'San San Life Foot Care' keeps nutrifion balance of the skin of the sole of the foot, promoles metabolism, restrains alkalization of sweat, promoles natural separation of old cutin, and reduces proliferation of microorganism.

Therefore, this eliminates the bad odor caused by change of low fatty acid to peroxides.
'San San Life Foot Care' is world's first bio fermented product to keep the health of the sole of the foot.


  • It dissolves the waste of cuting of the foot and eliminates the cause of odor.
  • It vitalizes metabolism of foot skin, promotes separation of cutin, stops solidification of old cutin, and restrains microorganism proliferation which is the cause of the odor.
  • It promotes blood circulation, promotes balanced nutrition to foot skin, restrains excessive secretion of sebum, and keeps healthy condition of foot skin.


  • Sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, manganese, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, plant sterol, compound protein, arabinoxylen, chitosanolygo, amino acid, and organic acid.

    100% bio fermented element, no preservative, no chemical, no heavy metal, no artificial flavor

    It does not contain any of preservative, chemicals, and heavy metal.

│How to Use│

  • Spray inside of shoes and feet lightly before you put on shoes to go out.
    When you come home, spray again inside of shoes and feet.
  • If the smell or sweat bothers you when you are working, spray inside of shoes and feet.
  • It is more effective if you use it after exercise or when you feel too much sweat on foot.
    - This product does not contain artificial flavor or chemical, 2~3 times of spray will remove the smell.
    - This product does not mask the odor with flavored fresheners, it actually works to elliminate the odor from its root.
    - Use with our patented oil to enhance the result and enjoy an odorless, smooth and healthy feet.


  • Keep out of direct light and maintain room temperature.
  • Keep it out of reach of children.
  • If you have a problem with your skin, stop use and consult your doctor.


  • For best result spray on socks or stockings also.