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Enrich Enzyme Mineral

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Enrich Enzyme Mineral (Enrich Enzyme Mineral) 30ml

Enjoy a healthy life, drink natural mineral !


The wish of skin is natural nutrition.

This supplies the needed minerals to body and helps the with the digestion and absorption of our body to enhance the revitalization of cell.
Enzyme is a protein compound produced in cell to control digestion and breathing. Mineral works as a catalyst to help enzyme move easily.
Eating food with rich enzyme but without enough mineral, the activity of cells does not work well and results in worsening health or body damage. Every enzyme only works for one nutrition, but mineral works as a catalyst for many enzymes. Vitamins don't work without mineral. The deficiency of mineral hinders smooth activity of vitamin or enzyme and seriously affects the grwoth of children and adult diseases.

Lack of mineral is known to the causes autism, learning difficulty, lack of attention, emotional instability, aphasia, cognitive obstacle, brain injury, all kinds of allergy and cancer, cerebral hemorrhage, and heart disease.


  • By absorbing required minerals of body, it enhances digestion function and helps revitallization of cell by proper balanced nutrition.
  • It helps reduce hypersensitiveness and improve constitution of moderners by revitalization of cells.
  • It helps reduce constipation and supplement diet by revitalization of metabolism of body.
  • It helps ot have effective moisture absorption after exercise.
    (Improving deficiency of mineral)


    Sodium ion, calcium ion, magnesium ion, Patassium ion, iron, copper, manganese, chloric ion, Sulphuric ion, phosphoric ion, fluorine ion, Succinic acid, Oryzanol, Tocopherol, araphynokiciran (plant tissue), Cyanocoparamine, protease, lysine, lipase, and organic acid.

    It does not contain any of preservative, chemicals, and heavy metal.

│How to Use│

  • Put 5 drops in coffee, juice, tea, or other kind of beverages.
  • If you put 5 drops in cooking rice for 2 persons, you may have sticky and glossy rice like new rice.
  • Put 5 drops when you cook in the pot, soup, and side dish for 2 persons.
    Use 10 drops for weak person every breakfast, lunch, and dinner for about 10 days, and reduce it to 5 drops 2 times a day.
  • Put 5 drops in daily beverages anytime. (It's all right to use it for direct spoid)


  • Keep out of direct ray and maintain room temperature.
  • (Better to keep in the refrigerator)
    If you have a problem with your skin, stop use and consult your doctor.


  • A weak person can feel change in a week.
  • It will take a longer time for a strong person to feel change.
  • When you use it consistently, it will improve immune system and you can feel the lightness of body.
  • Mineral is one of the five essential nutrition that out body requires.